Korsnes Biocomputing (KoBio)

KoBio is a startup participating in experimental work on computational methods in biology. We specialize in single-cell tracking and subsequent analyses. We can make visualization products and statistics from your time-lapse recordings of cells grown as mono-layers in test wells. You can choose to access results via our client portal .

Here is an illustration (screenshot) from the use of Kobio_Celltrack showing "relative" cells (click to enlarge):

A The system is under active development based on Ada 2012 using GLOBE_3D as an OpenGL language binding.

Example from tracking A549 cells exposed to a toxin during 96 hours using Kobio Celltrack. The video was done using Cytation 5 Cell Imaging Multi-Mode Reader from Biotek:

If you have questions about this software, contact the main developer Reinert Korsnes: email

Video clip showing vacuoles passing from mother cell to her daughters through cell division:

These cells are A549 lung cancer cells exposed to 1000 nM yessotoxin. We prepared this video when tracking the cells for the work "Single-Cell Tracking of A549 Lung Cancer Cells Exposed to a Marine Toxin Reveals Correlations in Pedigree Tree Profiles" . We used 96-multiwell black microplates # 655090 from Greiner Bio-One IT to plate the A549 cells for recording with Cytation 5.

Video clip showing abnormal cell division:

A549 lung cancer cell exposed to 200 nM yessotoxin undergoing tripolar mitosis.

Video clip demonstrating variation in individual migration behaviour of A549 lung cancer cells exposed to 200 nM yessotoxin.
Sister cells tend to move similarly:

Other cell tracking software:

Related papers:

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